2019 Element Road Series Points System


Individual Points

1st- 20
2nd- 18
3rd- 16
4th- 14
5th- 12
6th- 10
7th- 8
8th- 6
9th- 4
10th -2

1 point for starting
1 point for finishing

If the event organiser decided you must move up a grade you take 50% of your points. The event organiser can drop you a grade if you haven’t finished in the top 70% of your graded event in your previous races. The event organiser has the right to move any rider if they feel the rider has self-graded incorrectly.

Club Points

As part of the Element Road Series, there will once again be a club award. Riders receive points towards the Club Award in each of the grades. The club award aims to reward grassroots participation as much as elite performance, with the top five finishers of each grade receiving points for their club.

Club points are as follows:

1st- 5
2nd- 4
3rd- 3
4th- 2
5th- 1