An all-new location for 2018, hosted by the Midland Cycle Club. There will be three races as part of the Element Road Series in Chidlow. The first two races will be a road race only while race three will potentially include an individual time trial.

Chidlow One schedule

Categories Distance Laps of course Time start
A Grade Men 89km 5 laps 9am
B Grade Men (inclusive of U17 or lower) 71km 4 laps 9.03am
A Grade Women 71km 4 laps 9.05am
C Grade Men 53km 3 laps 9.10am
B Grade Women (inclusive of U17 or lower) 53km 3 laps 9.12am
D Grade Men* (inclusive of U15 or lower) 41km 2.5 laps 9.15am
C Grade Women (inclusive of U15 or lower) 35km 2 laps 9.20am
D Grade Women (inclusive of U15 or lower) 35km 2 laps 9.20am
E Grade Men* 25km 1.5laps 9.22am
E Grade Women 17.8km 1 lap 9.25am
Under 13’s 17.8km 1 lap 9.25am
Under 11s** (if sufficient numbers) 8km 0.45 laps 9.26am
*Neutral zone 7km’s
** Neutral Zone 9.5kms

Maximum speed to be set to ensure riders stay together until start for neutral zone.


Women’s C, D, E and Men’s D and under 11s and 13s – 10.35am

All other grades – 11.25am

Pack up – 11.30am

The course

The course for the 2018 Chidlow race will see riders compete around the below mapped course. The race will begin on Liberton Road for 300 metres before travelling up Old Northam Road with some rolling climbs.

Riders will continue on to Government Road before a left on Needham Road and another left back onto Liberton Road where they will again be met by some challenging climbs before rolling down to the finish.



Relive 'Chidlow series course'