Welcome to the Element, Western Australia’s newest on-road racing series.
We’re thrilled to bring you an action packed calendar of racing to keep you warm over the winter and spring months. Some classic events, some brand new, one thing’s guaranteed the Element has a race for you!

We are a lucky State where we can offer many varied options for cycle racing, from the fast and vast open plains of the Kalgoorlie outback to the lush rolling hills in the award winning South West, WA has it all.

The connection to bring together all the Elements of our landscape and our racing community has been the focus as we bring together the Element Road Series. Our vision is to offer a series of events that takes in the experience of WA and all our state has to offer.

A combination of age old ‘Classic’ events like the Collie – Donnybrook, Tom Lowry and the Cyclassic mixed in with the metropolitan based Pickering Brook series all bands together to offer a series WA has never seen before.

We are presenting an opportunity to find the true ‘WA rider of the year’ based on a challenging points series over the entire calendar, can the local based riders outwit the more experienced season professionals? Will we find the next ‘Henk Vogels, Travis or Cameron Meyer?’

The Element Road Series will have it all, a close cycling community feel were you can share your stories, make some history and be part of the growing sport we all love.  It doesn’t matter about your racing experience or background, we are all equal and the Element Series has only one goal – ‘Enjoy cycling and all it has to offer’.

The events will all be graded to accommodate every riders ability with points being awarded in each of those individual categories. You will look to better your performance each time you line up in the Element, every little effort counts towards your overall series points tally.

We want to give each and every rider a goal, something to train for over the winter period, a purpose to be part of that community of people who simply love to ride their bikes.

We’ll see you out there doing, in your Element.