Ferguson Valley Classic


Welcome to the Ferguson Valley Classic

Presented by the South West Cycle club, this challenging event will be held in the spectacular Ferguson Valley on Saturday 23rd September.

The graded road race will be held on Saturday afternoon from 1pm  at Dardanup. The A grade men’s race will be approximately 119km with around 1,500-1,600 metres of climbing – making it one of the most challenging events in the series.

The Ferguson Valley classic is sure to be rewarding and challenging road race. To add to this classic road race The South West Cycle Club will also be hosting a team trial on Sunday 24th September. Please note that ONLY the Saturday race will be a Element Series points event. The Sunday 40km Team Time Trial from the Wild Bull will be an interclub race, and is not part of the Element Road Series – if you would like to race the TTT you will need to register for this event separately through the South West Cycle Club.

Prize money will be awarded on both the Saturday for the Element Series Road Race and Sunday, the South West Cycle Club TTT.


A grade – Two laps of Full Ferguson Valley Loop. 119km, approx. 1540m vertical metres of climbing

B grade – One full lap, plus one short lap (Strava segment called ‘Dardanup Classic 38.8k). Total 98k. 1150m

C grade – One full lap. Total 60km. 770m vertical metres of climbing

D grade – One Short lap. Total 38.8km. 380m vertical metres of climbing

E grade / Juniors – Dardanup to Wellington Rd Y. Total 25k. 170 vertical metres of climbing

Start times

1pm: B Grade and Womens A

1:07pm: A Grade

1:10pm: Under 17 boys

1:15pm: C Grade and Womens B

1:40pm: D Grade and Womens C

1:45pm: E Grade and Under 15 Juniors

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