The Tom Lowry Memorial is in its 75th year and is one of Western Australia’s most prestigious road races.

2017 will once again include a Saturday afternoon criterium on one of the safest and fastest courses in WA. Sunday will see the traditional road race. Both events will start and finish at the Collie Motorplex

Saturday 6th May 2017 Tom Lowry Criterium: 12.00pm start. Registration from 10.00am

Sunday 7th May 2017 Tom Lowry Memorial Cycling Classic: 11.30am start. Registration from 9.30am.

Legacy of Tom Lowry 

Collie, the cycling capital of Western Australia, hosts the CFMEU Lowry Memorial Road Cycling Classic in May each year.  The Tom Lowry Memorial along with with the now famous Collie to Donnybrook and Return Cycling Classic has survived the test of time. Inaugurated in 1942 the Tom Lowry Memorial is the first of two major events on the West Australian road cycling calendar conducted by Collie Cycle Club, with the Collie to Donnybrook and Return Cycling Classic being held on the 3rd Saturday in August each year.

It is unprecedented in Australian cycling that a cycling event would be supported by a single sponsor for its entirety. The Tom Lowry Memorial is one event that can lay claim to this, having been proudly supported by one sponsor since its inception in 1942. The Collie Miners Union (CMU), which was later known as the Construction Forestry Mining Energy Union (CFMEU) being the sole sponsors. The race was instigated in 1942 by the mine-workers of Collie in recognition of the service given by a past General Secretary Mr Thomas McCarthy Lowry (1897-1941).

Who was Tom Lowry?

The Tom Lowry Memorial was first held in 1942 to commemorate the contribution made to the Collie Coalfield by Thomas McCarthy Lowry. He is remembered not only as a civic leader within the Collie community but also for his support of sporting activity in the town. He was involved with industrial organisation and the labour movement in general. He was an eloquent speaker and a prominent personality in industrial matters aimed at improving the working conditions of Collie miners.

Born in Kirkstall, Victoria in 1877 Tom Lowry took part in the Hampton Plains gold rush in 1906 working mining leases in the Goldfields around Coolgardie, Kalgoorlie, and Menzies.

In 1915 after an unsuccessful farming venture in the West Australia wheat belt Tom Lowry arrived in Collie. He found employment with Western Collieries, beginning a long and honourable association with the Collie Miners Union until his death in 1941,

Event Information

Event Entries close : Tuesday 2nd May 2017 midnight

Event Notes:

*Grades may be changed by the event organisers after close of registrations to suit the number of nominations. Junior rollout and distance restrictions apply.

Criterium                                                                                  Tom Lowry Memorial Road Race

A GRADE MEN                        40min + 2 laps                          A GRADE MEN                        118KM

B GRADE MEN                        35min + 2 laps                          B GRADE MEN                         84KM

C GRADE MEN                        30min + 2 laps                          C GRADE MEN                         60KM

D GRADE MEN                        25min + 2 laps                          D GRADE MEN                         60KM

A GRADE WOMEN                  35min + 2 Laps                         A GRADE WOMEN                    84KM

B GRADE WOMEN                  30min + 2 laps                          B GRADE WOMEN                    60KM

C GRADE WOMEN                  25min + 2 laps                          C GRADE WOMEN                    60KM


Under 17 Riders can ride maximum B grade in Criterium and C grade in Road Race, due to Cycling Australia Technical Rgeulations.

Under 15 Riders can ride maximum C grade in Criterium only.

Criterium – Saturday 6th May 2017

Road Race – Sunday 7th May 2017



For visitor or accommodation information contact the Collie Visitor Centre

If you require accommodation the Collie Cycle Club advises that you book sooner rather than later several maintenance shut downs have been announced which will start at the beginning of May 2017.


Collie Motorplex

Powerhouse Road

Collie WA 6225

Contact Anna Farrell – 0427 344 953

Camping available – tent, camper van, caravan or bunkhouse (8 beds).

Two shower blocks- 1 Female, 1 Male – 3 BBQ’s & a camper’s kitchen with 2 fridges and a microwave.

Camping Fee – $10 per person. Bunkhouse – $15 per person.


Collie Ridge Motel

185 – 195 Throssell Street

Collie WA 6225

08 9734 666

Present your riders licence for a 10% discount.


Banksia Motel

44 Wittenoom Street

Collie WA 6225

08 9734 5655

Present your riders licence and stay 2 nights or more to receive $20 discount per night.


Collie Motel

127/133 Throssell Street

Collie WA 6225

08 9734 1166

Present your riders licence for a 10% discount.

Tom Lowry Memorial Results

YEARFirst Place Second PlaceThird Place Fastest TimeF/Time Record *
1942Griffith, "Ming" TomFlynn, LenLewis, "Ted" EdwardGriffith, "Ming" Tom2 hrs 16 mins 35sec
1943Flynn, LenCummins, JackMilligan, BillBonser, Toti" W.A.
1944Graham, DaveyFewings, J.R.Fredrick(H.K)Saunders, GordonBonser, Toti" W.A.
1945Saunders, GordonFahey, DesJim PittsSaunders,"Bubbles"George
1946Lyons, PatPearson, "Dick"RichardDhue, R.GFewings, J.R.Fred(H.K)1 hr 29min 08 sec
1947Wheatly, H.JKearns, B.AlbyPearson, "Dick"RichardFerris, "Pud" George1 hr 25 min 55 sec
1948Purnell, WallyPitts, JimGerrard, GeorgeBurdus, Norm1 hr 23 min 00 sec
1949Hellmrich, JAtkinson, TomPatton, BillBurdus, Norm1 hr 27min 45 sec
1950Townsen, Tom EMerryful, BrianStaude, WBarron, Roy1 hr 26 min 58 sec
1951Carlson, Tom Wilson. WLewis, "Ted" EdwardCarlson, Tom 1 hr 29 min 16 sec
1952Power, MaxFahey, DesHunt, Barry Burdus, Norm1 hr 24 min 56 sec
1953Malcolm, CliveCleary, RonCooper, BillPanton, Peter 1 hr 29min 46 sec
1954Vogel, JohnClare, BOliver, JimOliver, Jim
1955Liang, LCrispin, TOliver, JimOliver, Jim1 hr 21 min 20 sec
1956Fennell, StanFahey, "Battler" DesDe Wolde, JanOliver, John1 hr 29 min 14 sec
1957Maher, GilbertHall, CWiltshire, EricWaddell, Barry 1 hr 22 min 39 sec
1958Perron, P Malcolm, CliveSuckling, OwenWaddell, Barry 1 hr 24 min 00 sec
1959Sanford,"Gummy" LesAlcorn, KimHart, PeterHost, "Bing" Ron1 hr 23 min 00 sec
1960Edwards, JCarsioni, FWeggaller, Marselle Host, "Bing" Ron1 hr 20 min 20sec
1961Mcgrath, JohnKnowles, DougHunt, EddieBaker, Stan1 hr 21 min 50 sec
1962 this race on shortened Allanson circuit.
1962Bonser, RodneyBonser, GrahamBurton, RonBonser, Stewart1 hr 14 min 28 sec
1963Burton, Ron Bywater,Graham Lehman, KBentley, "Boy" Dan1 hr 21 min15 sec
1964Burton, Ron Pope, RickBywater,Graham Barron, Bevan
1965Cleary, RonKidd, PhilCrocker, JohnBurton, Ron 1 hr 24 min 26 sec
1966Perks, StevenCrocker, JohnBarron, BevanBarron, Bevan
1967Knight, PSweeny, RFerguson, GillyTonolini, Laurie1 hr 23 min 10 sec
1968Russell, MichaelPerks, StevenFerguson, RobertTonolini, Laurie1 hr 17 min 33 sec
1969Perejuan, AllanNorris, KenWilling, DougVeale, Neville1 hr 18 min 54 sec
1970Van Der Putten, ASuckling, OwenJohnson, PBarron, Bevan1 hr 19 min 20 sec
1971Ohara, BrentSuckling, "Whip "LesVan Der Putten, AMcVilley, Graham1 hr 16 min 32 sec
1972Warren, "Rabbit" RuddNorris, LaurieStrudwick, EvanMcVilley, Graham1 hr 15 min 25 sec
1973Suckling, OwenDehaar, HWallis, PeterVogels, Henk "Snr"1 hr 15 min 47 sec
Transfield Loop Distances and races conditions changed from here forward.
1974Dye, MikeWarren, "Rabbit" RuddSeabourne, Weed"TrevorDye, Mike1 hr 39min 52 sec
1975Dye, MikeProvis NeilSuckling, GaryDye, Mike1 hr 37min 36 sec
1976Tindall, RonTaylor, PeterPlunkett, HMcVilley, Graham1 hr 33min 24 sec
1977Hawkins, JeffNeale, GregSuckling, PeterDwyer, Geoff1 hr 37min 18 sec
1978 was the first Australian Pro- Am cycling event
1978Laskey, Leaon "Pro"Ferguson, Robert "Pro"Miller, Russell "Am"Laskey, Leaon "Pro"
1979O'Sullivan, JohnFairchild, BobAllen, RonKeyser, Mark2 hr 32 min 50 sec
1980Suckling, RolyBuswell, DamianBurton, RonSuckling, Roly
1981Bishop, SteeleSuckling, Garry Keyser, MarkBishop, Steele2 hr 28 min 08 sec
1982Davis, KiethAtkinson, MikeWarren, "Rabbit" RuddDavis, Kieth2 hr 31 min 25 sec
1983Davis, KiethBishop, SteeleOsmond, GeoffDavis, Kieth
1984Layton. LenRichards, LukeLucas, GDavis, Kieth2 hr 28 min 39 sec
1985Plewright, PeterEversden, ChrisLayton. LenHawkins, Jeff2 hr 28 min 07 sec
1986Rugari, Paul VicTilley, Brian VicWylie, Neil NZ
1987Kelson, RodWilson, PeterMoran, FentonWilson, Peter1 hr 45 min 12 sec
1988Krynen, JimBarrett, KWaller, RobertKrynen, Jim1 hr 45 min 16 sec
Event was changed to a Graded Scratch Race Fastest Time to Winner
1989Buswell, DamianGorden, BillMoran, FentonBuswell, Damian2 hr 31 min 46 sec
1990Van Morsel, WayneRose, DFoyle,JVan Morsel, Wayne2 hr 34 min 33 sec
1991Van Morsel, WayneHayes, "Bill" WLee, JVan Morsel, Wayne
1992Penman, StuartJohansen, DannyThomas,CPenman, Stuart
1993Van Vliet, JohnMcMurdo, HiltonJohanson, DannyVan Vliet, John
1994Johansen, DannyTrinne, DanielRose, ColinJohansen, Danny
1995Akinson, PaulHogg, DanielDobson, PeterAkinson, Paul
1996Brown, ChrisFogiani, ChrisRigg, JasonBrown, Chris
1997Hogg, DanielBrown, ChrisPoyner, MattewHogg, Daniel
1998Wright, GaryGoodridge, BenHarris, GlenWright, Gary
1999Brown, ChrisHollands, EddieHardcourt, StevenBrown, Chris2 hr 17 min 00 sec
2000Poyner, MattewLawence, BenHarris, GlenPoyner, Mattew2 hr 38 min 37 sec
2001Steele, RicPetersen, MarkJones NathanSteele, Ric
2002Hollands, EddieChris BrownJason RiggEddie Hollands2 hr 46min 20 sec
2003 No event conducted
2004Evans, KeithBolden, LeeO'Conner, AdamEvans, Keith2 hr 40 min 35 sec
2005Hollands, EddieBrown, ChrisJason RiggHollands, Eddie2 hr 34 min 38 sec
2006Meyer, CameronMeyer, TravisJason RiggMeyer, Cameron2 hr 34 min 18 sec
2007Dawson, PeterLawrence, TysonHollands, EddieDawson, Peter2 hr 42 min 09 sec
2008Morley, HenryWells, ElliottVan Der Tog, JordanMorley, Henry2 hr 40 min 07 sec
2009Wells, ElliottVerheyen, MichaelLafleur, DimitriWells, Elliott2 hr 38 min 57 sec
2010Evans, KarlCalder, LoganSmith, SamEvans, Karl2 hr 35 min 19 sec
2011Linfield, BradleyGlasby, ChrisVerheyen, MichaelLinfield, Bradley2 hr 39 min 32 sec
2012Huttons, PeterLinfield, BradleyKing, BenjaminHuttons, Peter2 hr 29 min 51 sec
2013Smith, SamStretch, JamesMawby, JacksonSmith, Sam2hr 38 min 28 sec
2014Mawby, JacksonDavis, SamuelBeeck, ChrisMawby, Jackson2 hr 31 min 06 sec
2015Pierre-Humbert, DylanWelsford, SamMawby, JacksonPierre-Humbert, Dylan2hr 52 min 24 sec
2016Freiberg, MichaelSmith, SamWarman, JacobFreiberg, Michael3 hr 00 min 31 sec
2017Lanigan, BryceWiggins, CraigPeterson, Mathew2hrs 58 min 24sec