I’d like to join a club, where can I find my nearest club?

You can find your local club at: http://membership.cycling.org.au/Club-Finder

Do I need to belong to a cycling club to enter these races?

No you don’t, you just require a Cycling Australia license, available here: http://membership.cycling.org.au/

We encourage you to join a local club, as this is an excellent opportunity to meet like minded riders and join in group rides in your area.

How do i become a Member ?

Becoming a member of Cycling Australia allows you to race the Element Road series. Membership fees go towards the bike riding pathway from beginners to Olympic champions. It helps put on events like the Element Road Series. To get the best value out of membership we recommend you purchase a racing License from Cycling Australia. This will cover you when ever you are on a bike. These are available here: http://membership.cycling.org.au/Packages/Racing They will ask you to be a member of a club and you can nominate one after looking here http://www.wa.cycling.org.au/Get-Involved/Find-a-Club

Where do I enter?

You can register for the Element through IMG, each event will have a unique registration link.

Can I drop down a grade to increase my chance of winning? 

Riders will be moved up a grade if the CycleSport WA Grading Committee see fit. Grading of riders is very important and CycleSport WA monitor the start list and advise on grading in line with their principles noted here: http://www.wa.cycling.org.au/Events-Results/Race-Grading  Results are regularly monitored and riders are asked for their grade and notes when they enter the Element. We are checking all of this to bring you a fair racing environment. 

Can I enter a race on the day?

No. Online Registration closes on Monday night for Handicap events or Tuesday night and have late entries until Thursday midday.  No entries on the day are accepted. 

I have my own My Laps timing chip, can I use it?

Timing Chip hire may be included at some events. You will be asked for your timing chip number if you are allowed to bring your own.

Is the series inclusive?

Yes. We encourage all levels of riders, recognise everyone’s results and know that competing against your friends is a bit of fun. Our rules follow the Cycling Australia technical regulations, we apply them in a fair manner and want you to have a great race day.

How come it costs more than a club race?

Event costs have risen marginally so you can enjoy an exceptional racing experience

Who can enter?

Anyone can enter. Nominate, pick a grade based on your abilities or age and join in

When can I enter?

Registrations open approximately one month ahead of each round. Registrations close on the Tuesday midnight before the race.

I don’t have a race license, can I enter?

You will need a Cycling Australia race license to compete in the Element Road Series.

You have two options:

1, Purchase your Cycling Australia license here: http://membership.cycling.org.au/


2. When registering through the IMG portal select your preferred race license option


Can I change Grades?

Yes, send us an email before entries close and we will move you around. Please note that we grade our riders, so you may be moved into a different group on the start list. Start lists will be emailed to you and posted to the Element Road Series Facebook 

Where do I find the start list ?

Start lists will be emailed to you and posted to the Element Road Series Facebook 

Can I get a refund?

Refunds are available until midday Thursday before race day unless otherwise instructed by the Event Organizer. For  example Goldfields CyClassic have various refund terms and conditions.

What facilities are available at each event?

Each event village will have: toilets, a coffee van, food truck and clubs selling refreshments

Where do I park?

Each event has different parking arrangements. Parking details will be advised for each event separately

Are there any restrictions on bikes?

The Element complies with Cycling Australia approved Technical Regulations. In essence no time trial bikes or bars, no disc brakes. Juniors, non carbon wheels.

What to Wear?

Cycling gear of course – we insist on Registered, Neutral or Club kit for A and B grade.

How do I become a volunteer?

Every event needs a helper or three. Email us and we will help you help us.


Can I become a Stall Holder or Sponsor?

Sure, get in touch and we will do what we can to promote you and your company. Please email


Are on-bike cameras allowed?

We don’t normally allow cameras in races, but have special permission from CycleSport WA and will select riders to carry the cameras.

Why do the license categories in the new rider entry page options not match the category on the CA license?

The age categories are from Cycling Australia and yes  they are no longer on the Membership card. They are here online: http://membership.cycling.org.au/Faq under “How do I work out my membership age category for racing?” A MAS 5 is 50 – 54 yrs old in 2017, a MAS6 is 55 – 59 years old in 2017.

Can I race A Grade with a 3 Race Membership?

No, a full membership is required (Elite or Masters Category) http://membership.cycling.org.au/Packages/Racing

What about Junior racing in the Element ?

The Element Series is bringing together classic and new events. Not every event is suitable for Juniors based on the Cycling Australia Junior Policy race distances. (U17 70km, U15 30km, U13 20km) Some events will have age based racing and others graded A to D racing. We are encouraging events to have junior racer friendly distances. We will have a points tally for Under 17 and Under 15 racers, male and female. Points will be accrued from the placings against other riders of the same age in the highest grade available to them. Don’t forget their are other events this year to ride as a Junior – Pemberton Classic, Peel Junior Tour, State Junior Road race and Time Trial Championships, Peter Clark and of course Track Racing at the Velodrome