The Peel Classic is set to be a challenging course through the Peel Region towns of Boddington and Dwellingup.

Formally known as the Pinjarra Classic, this out-and-back course will start in Dwellingup at the Primary School, heading East out along Pinjarra-Williams Rd and Bannister-Marradong Rd through Boddington to Albany Hwy. The race will then return along the same route.

The town of Boddington will feature as a Sprint Point for the A Men on the way out, and as a feed zone on the way back.

In 2017, Michael Freiberg was the winner of A Men while Corrie Fillmore was the winner of A women.

GradeDistanceAvg Spd. 2017Start TimeApprox. Finish Time
A Men132419:00 AM12:13 PM
B Men104409:02 AM11:38 AM
A Women104359:04 AM12:02 PM
U1760379:10 AM10:47 AM
C Men60369:12 AM10:52 AM
B Women60329:14 AM11:06 AM
U1540349:20 AM10:30 AM
D Men40339:22 AM10:34 AM
C Women40329:24 AM10:39 AM
D Women20289:30 AM10:12 AM
U1320289:32 AM10:14 AM

Event Hub: Dwellingup Primary School

Rego Desk Opens 7:30AM
First Grade off 9:00AM, last grade off 9:32AM
Presentations at 1:00PM
Feed zone in Boddington on return leg

$35 for 20km and 40km grades (U13, U15, MD, ME, WC, WD)
$65 for the rest (U17, MA, MB, MC, WA, WB)