The Element Road Series points tally will follow a similar scoring system to the Ring Summer Criterium Series for 2018.

All riders will receive a point for starting and one for finishing.

Individual points awarded for a metro round.
1st 20
2nd 18
3rd 16
4th 14
5th 12
6th 10
7th 8
8th 6
9th 4
10th 2

Individual points awarded for a regional round.
1st 30
2nd 27
3rd 24
4th 21
5th 18
6th 15
7th 12
8th 9
9th 6
10th 3

Club Points system

Riders receive points towards the Club Award.

The points will be the same for the regional or metro rounds. 

1st 5
2nd 4
3rd 3
4th 2
5th 1

Moving Grade

Riders will be graded at the start of the series, they will be automatically moved up in grades if they win three events, they will also carry up half of the points from the lower grade.
Riders can drop grades if they have not placed in the top 50 per cent of the field in five races.