Welcome to the Southwest Cycle Club’s Ferguson Valley Classic. A part of the Element Road Series. Located at the Dardanup Hall at 19 Ferguson Road via Little Street, in the Dardanup town site.

Key positions and accountabilities

SWCC Event Director / Club President

Jo Moore

0429 684 236

Chief Commissaire

Janet White

0407 484 105

SWCC ‐ Traffic Manager

Owen Miller

0428 065 999

SWCC ‐ Vehicles Co‐ordinator

Robert Commons

0400 702 835

Event timetable




E Grade, D women’s & Under 13’s (21km)

12.30 departure from Dardanup 1.00pm start at Wellington Mills


B Men, A women (97km)

From Dardanup


A Men (118km)

From Dardanup


C men, B Women’s, Under 17’s (59km)

From Dardanup


D Grade, C Women’s ,Under 15’s (39km)

From Dardanup

Licence requirements

All Riders will require a Cycling Australia licence.

1 and 3 day licence holders will need to show proof of the purchase receipt when registering on the day. If its a 3 day, the Chief will need to sign off the one race area in the permit.

Vehicles and motorbikes

All official cars are to be fitted with orange flashing lights (do not use hazard lights) and where applicable signage.

Motorbike riders will require Hi Vis vests.
All event vehicles are required to have their headlights turned on low beam.

Spares vehicles will be provided for each grade. However with an undulating terrain it is advised that rider’s supply their own spare tube & pump as you may not be able to be serviced by the support vehicle if you are not with the main peloton.

Spectator vehicles are not to follow individual riders or groups during the race to prevent congestion on the road race course. Riders could be disqualified if their followers are identified out on the road following riders.

Vehicles will be ordered off the road by race officials if they are following riders or groups.

Rider and spectator parking

Dardanup Hall will provide all the parking & rider assembly for this event. Ferguson Road will have road closure for the event so access will be via little Street.


Please respect any requests from volunteers who are giving up their weekend to assist with the race!

Briefings and roll call

All riders will be required attend the rollout and briefing 15 minutes prior to race start so that the races are on time.

Road rules

Any rider caught breaking the road rules will be disqualified and withdrawn from the race. There will be no road closure during the race, except for the final 600m going into Dardanup. During the race all riders are required to stay left. The majority of the course route will not have white lines to indicate the middle of the road. During the race you could have on coming vehicles or other groups of rider coming towards you, so it is important to stay left. Any riders violating this will be disqualified from the race.

It is encouraged that rider’s use rear red tail lights, Solid Red (No flashing lights allowed)


Any rider caught or seen littering throughout the race by an event official or Commissaire will be fined $100. Riders must take responsibility for their own litter.


Riders have to claim their final finish position (down to 10th place)

Technical regulations

The event will be conducted under the rules and regulations of Cycling Australia. The Cycling Australia scale of penalties will apply. For more information please refer to the Cycling Australia website – www.cycling.org.au

Course information

  • A Grade Mens 118kms.
    Dardanup to lowden & return (1st Lap) Dardanup to lowden & return (2nd Lap)
  • BGradeMen&AWomens103Kms. Dardanup to gnomeville & back ( 1st Lap) Dardanup to Lowden & Return (2nd Lap)
  • CgradeMen&BWomens60Kms Dardaup to Lowden & Return (1 lap only)D Grade Men & C Womens & Under 15 Boys (38kms)Dardanup to Gnomeville & Return ( 1 Lap Only)
  • E Grade & Under 13’s. 21km

Wellington Mills to Dardanup hall.
Riders to be Driven to start. (18Km from Dardanup)

It is the Riders responsibility to know their route. See Road Map.

Number placement                                                       Solid red tail lights

Intersection of Ferguson Road and Lower Ferguson road ( all riders TURN LEFT )

Intersection at Gnomesville. Left turn for 60km lap, Right turn for 38km lap

Full road closure of Ferguson Road for only the last 600m will be in place. There is traffic furniture with 150m to go. ( as pictured )

Map of road closure in Dardanup. Entry via Little Street.