Hello and thank you for entering the Peel Classic for 2017!

We’ve had to make a few changes to the course and format for this year, including changing the name from Pinjarra Classic to Peel Classic. This reflects the change in location away from Pinjarra, where we were suffering with increasing vehicle traffic and decreasing community support. However, we are glad that Dwellingup and Boddington have opened their arms for us and have shown great interest in seeing this event continue.

The road between Dwellingup and Boddington features picturesque views of the State Forest and Hotham Valley. Competitors may not be able to take it all in as there are no flat sections out here! The top grades also fly through prime farmlands around Boddington, if the crosswinds pick up I expect further shake-ups from the top contenders.

Below you will find further information for competitors and spectators. Weather forecasts have been changing for Sunday but I’m sure we’ll see some great racing regardless.

See you then – Mark Glorie PDCC Race Director

Race Village 

The race village will be located at Dwellingup Primary School.


Car parking is available on the school oval, accessable from Forest View Rd. Additional parking is available next to the football oval.


Registration opens at 7:45

Once you arrive please proceed to the Registration desk in the school’s undercover area, where we can take your license and give you your race numbers and timing chip. Juniors will also need a Commissaire to check your rollout distance and equipment, like helmet and wheels at this time.

Race Number and Timing Chip 

Your race numbers need to be placed on the LEFT and CENTER of your jersey, in the pocket and flank area. This aids in rider identification during the race and at the finish line, in case your timing chip fails.

Your timing chip needs to be placed on your front fork. Plastic ties are available at the registration tent.

Remember to return your numbers and chip after the conclusion of your race, failure to do so may incur the cost of equipment replacement.


The school will kindly open their toilets for our use, they are accessible from the undercover area where registration is located. We hope to come back so please insure the facilities are kept clean.

Additional public toilets are located near the tourist train station on Marinup St.


Blue Wren Café is open from 7AM on the main street of town.

Parents of the school will also be running a Bacon, Egg, and Sausage Sizzle from 9:30AM on the school grounds. Rumour has it they also have a donut machine.

Race Safety 

A couple points I would like to go over, and will probably repeat during your race briefing:

  • The race course is a country road, and as such has a speed limit of 110kph. Competitors are reminded that they must keep to the left side of the road AT ALL TIMES.
  • Competitors are encouraged to have a steady (not flashing) red light for the race. The forest shaddows can conceal you, and any aid to make you visible can make the difference.

Race Format 

The course is an out-and-back style, so you will be performing a 180 degree turn at your designated turnaround point. I remind competitors that you will not win the race at this turn, but you can lose it. So slow and turn in a predictale manner.

An additional sprint prize is available for the first A Men and A Women riders to Boddington. The judging line will be marked with green flags in the center of the town.

Also for A Men and A Women: If you have any support crew, additional food and water can be taken on in the feed zone. This is located at the same location as the sprint point, but on the return leg of the race.

Start Times

The following start times are approximate:

A Men 132km 9:00 AM
B Men 104km 9:05 AM
A Women 104km 9:06 AM
C Men 60km 9:40 AM
U17 60km 9:41 AM
B Women 60km 9:42 AM
D Men 40km 9:51 AM
U15 40km 9:52 AM
C Women 40km 9:53 AM
E Men 20km 10:00 AM
D Women 20km 10:00 AM
U13 20km 10:00 AM


The presentation ceremony will commence after the judges have decided on the final race, at approximately 1PM at the school’s undercover area.

Course Map